When and Why HCP Assesses Managers.

When and How Does HCP Use Management Assessments?

Jim Bland: “We use Leslie’s assessments to assess our senior management teams, those individuals who we’re backing in an investment. We make the assessments part of our formal due diligence process. So just as we would be providing criminal background checks and references on executives, we also formalize it as to do the psychological assessments with Leslie.

"We invest in highly regulated businesses, where errors can be very fateful to the long run for the business, so we use the intelligence component to understand whether they have the capability to run complex organizations, and Leslie is very good at getting to whether that person will be a good fit for those types of businesses in the long run.

“It’s not just about the raw intellect but also about the way they use that intellect to make decisions, how to cope, how to make decisions under pressure, repeatedly. These are the real aspects to the assessment that you just can’t get in a pure Wonderlic kind of test.”