Experience of Being Assessed.

What It’s like to Go through an Assessment

Jamie Sprayregen: “In terms of what it was like to go through the assessment, what I may have learned, and how it was to go through it, I actually enjoyed the assessment. I think it’s always difficult for individuals to completely be up in the sky and look down on themselves and evaluate themselves, and I found it a useful tool to do that. And for anybody who’s interested in improving and growing and being better, I find it a useful tool. And for folks evaluating people or deciding whether to advance people or hire people I think that’s a very useful tool also to have looked at how people behave and how people respond to things in a more structured analytical way than off-the-cuff interviews. So for me it was an enjoyable experience and it made me think about ways I might be able to do some things better. Probably listening better to people and thinking about what other people say would probably be the biggest thing I would take out of it. I like to think I’m pretty good at that but I could always be better.”